Bethesda Wellness Hub proudly opens at the iconic Margaret Margaret, founded by Bethesda Medical

What's at Bethesda Medical @ Margaret?

We are thrilled to kick off the week with an incredible visit from the U.S. Embassy Singapore at our Migrant Workers On-boarding Centre (MWOC) located in SengKang West. It was an honor to host the delegation, including Mr. Tung Yui Fai, Chief of ACE Group of Singapore Ministry of Manpower, and showcase our exceptional healthcare facilities and practices.

During the visit, the delegates were given an insightful tour of our state-of-the-art X-ray facilities, our efficient vaccination center, and various medical examination setups. This provided an excellent opportunity for us to share our best practices and engage in a co-learning experience with the esteemed delegates from the U.S. Embassy.

At #TeamBethesdaMedical, we believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing, especially in the healthcare industry. Hosting the U.S. Embassy delegation allowed us to exchange ideas, discuss innovative approaches, and strengthen our partnerships to enhance healthcare services for migrant workers.

We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our commitment to providing exceptional care for migrant workers and to learn from the expertise of the U.S. Embassy representatives. Such visits help us refine our practices, improve our services, and create an environment that fosters continuous growth and improvement.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the U.S. Embassy Singapore and Mr. Tung Yui Fai, Chief of ACE Group of Singapore Ministry of Manpower, for their presence and meaningful interactions during the visit. Their support and engagement further reinforce our mission to deliver comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services to all.

Stay tuned for more updates and initiatives as we continue to work tirelessly to provide exceptional care and support for migrant workers in Singapore.

Bethesda Medical opens at Margaret Market

Bethesda Medical opens at Margaret Market

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