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Safeguard against Covid-19:

Safeguard against Covid-19 with


COVID-19 Booster Shots

COVID-19 Booster Shots



Recognising the importance of staying up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccinations, we offer booster shots to enhance and prolong your protection against the virus. 

  • Our clinic at Toa Payoh is a MOH Covid Vaccination Clinic.
  • Current available COVID-19 booster vaccines:
    – Pfizer/Comirnaty Monovalent (XBB. 1.5) (12 years old & above)

Who is Eligible for a Booster Shot?

As recommended by Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH), the following individuals are eligible for a COVID-19 booster shot:

  • All individuals aged six months and above.
  • Special emphasis on healthcare workers and household members/caregivers of medically vulnerable individuals.
  • Eligible individuals can receive their booster dose about a year – and no earlier than five months – after their last shot.

    Updated Covid-19 Vaccines

    We offer the recently approved, updated COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, which are designed to target newer variants of the virus. These updated formulations will eventually replace all existing ones. The availability of these vaccines is as follows:

    • Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty monovalent vaccine for individuals aged five years and above from Oct 30 2023, and for children aged six months to four years from Nov 20 2023.
    • Moderna/Spikevax monovalent vaccine for individuals aged six months and above from Nov 14 2023.

      Booking Your Appointment

      To receive your COVID-19 booster shot, please book an appointment online with our clinic in Toa Payoh.

      Our Commitment to Your Safety

      Your health and safety are our utmost priorities. Bethesda Medical follows all recommended guidelines to ensure a safe and effective vaccination process. We encourage everyone to keep their COVID-19 vaccination status up-to-date based on the prevailing recommendations.

      Information updated as of 12 December, following latest MOH guidelines.

      Safeguard against Covid-19 with


      COVID-19 Serology

      COVID-19 Serology

      COVID-19 serology (blood) testing may be used in the determination of

      • immune response to vaccination,
      • evidence of past infection,
      • for pre-departure travel where required by the destination country or carrying airline, and
      • epidemiological assessment such as in persons undergoing rostered routine testing (RRT).

      There is currently no role for COVID-19 serology (IgG/IgM) tests in the clinical diagnosis of recent-onset COVID-19 infections.  A PCR swab test is used in the diagnosis active COVID-19 infections.  In the event of a positive serology test result, depending on their past vaccination, infection history or current symptoms, the person may also require a further COVID-19 PCR test to determine if there is active COVID-19 infection.

      Patients are advised to consult with our physicians regarding the need for this test.

      Safeguard against Covid-19 with


      Overseas COVID-19 Services

      COVID-19 PCR, Antigen Test / Lateral Flow Immunoassays & Serology test

      • 1. Booking an Appointment

        Please book your pre-departure COVID test appointments here.  (Please note that unless otherwise arranged with our clinic, Friday’s pre-departure PCR tests will be express tests.  This is due to our clinic working hours being up to 12noon on Saturdays and regular service PCR done on Fridays may not have their test results out by clinic’s closing time on Saturday)

        Click here to book appointment. 

        You should make an appointment that fits your required testing window and be present at the clinic early for the appointment.  You are responsible for checking for your testing window to ensure that it is in line with your destination country’s requirement. 

        2. How far in advance should I make an appointment for the pre-departure PCR test?

        Please make your appointment with the clinic as early as possible, once your approval and flight timing is confirmed.

        If you do not make a prior appointment, please note that:

        1. There is no guarantee that there will be a test slot for you; and
        2. You may not get your results in time for your flight.

        Travellers who miss the cut-off test timing may not be able to obtain a test result in time for their flight.

        3. What details will I need to book an appointment for the PCR test?

        Please have the following information on hand when making an appointment for your test:

        1. Identity card number and passport number
        2. Departure flight timing (if applicable)
        3. Possible times for your test slot: Please refer to the Test Schedule to confirm your timing
        4. Address in Singapore
        5. Contact number
        6. Email address

        4. What documents should I bring for my appointment?

        Please bring the following:

        1. Identity card and passport
        2. Softcopy booking reference showing your departure flight timing (if applicable)

        5. When can I expect to get my PCR test results?

        You should receive your digital copy of PCR test results by email or whatsapp at least three hours before your departure, if you met the cut-off timing at your clinic. Please let the clinic know if you need to receive the printed memo by a certain time.

        You may wish to also print and bring the memo overseas yourself

      Update Overseas COVID-19 Vaccination

      For persons with overseas COVID-19 vaccination, we can update this information into the National Immunisation Records if it meets the following criteria:

      1. The individuals are Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents or Long-Term Pass (e.g. Long-Term Visitor Pass, Work Permit, Employment Pass, S Pass, Dependent Pass) Holders (LTPH);
      2. Produce an overseas COVID-19 vaccination document, – the vaccine used should be authorised by the Heath Sciences Authority under the Pandemic Special Access Route (PSAR) or listed on the World Health Organization’s Emergency Use Listing (WHO EUL);
      3. The relevant serology test result is positive.

      Upon successful ingestion of the individuals’ overseas COVID-19 vaccination data into NIR, the individuals would be able to view their vaccination records in HealthHub (mid July 2021 onwards)

      ​Please bring your IC/FIN Card and overseas vaccination documents.  Your vaccination record in the Singapore National Immunization Registry (NIR) will be updated if serology shows positive results.

      Enhancing Care with Precision with


      Sinopharm COVID-19 Vaccine

      Sinopharm COVID-19 Vaccine

      Booster Sinopharm vaccine recommended schedule:

      • 90 days after a primary course of inactivated COVID-19 vaccine (3 dose Sinovac / Sinopharm)
      • 120 days after primary course of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine (Moderna / Phizer)
      • (or at least 28 days after recovery from COVID-19 infection)

      Book an appointment to receive Sinopharm COVID-19 Vaccine?

      • Please use your own name, email, and contact number for booking of appointment.
      • Upon confirmation of vaccination appointment, you will receive an email notification.
      • If you do not receive the email notification, please email our enquiry line at [email protected]

      Terms and Conditions

      1. Booking of appointments can ONLY be done in the link above.
      2. Eligible criteria for Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine. 
        • Above 18 years old
        • Do not have history of anaphylaxis (serious life-threatening allergic reaction) to any components of the vaccine
        • If you are pregnant, please consult your obstetrician to assess your suitability for the vaccine.  Pregnant women with COVID-19 are at higher risk of developing severe disease than non-pregnant women of reproductive age. COVID-19 in pregnancy has also been associated with an increased risk of preterm birth and of neonates requiring intensive care.
        • Lactating women are eligible to be administered with the Sinopharm vaccine, and able to continue breastfeeding post-vaccination.
        • Those who have had COVID-19 in the past are eligible for booster vaccination 28 days after COVID-19 infection.
        • Anyone with an acute febrile illness (body temperature over 38.5 ºC) should postpone vaccination until they are afebrile.

        Please consult our doctors if you are unsure about getting the vaccine.

      How does Sinopharm vaccine work?

      Sinopharm vaccine exposed the body to inactivated COVID-19 virus, to induce the immune system will make antibodies against the coronavirus, attaching to viral proteins. The delivery virus has been attenuated so you won’t develop the common cold when administered with this vaccine.  Your body immune system can then respond to an infection of live coronaviruses by producing antibodies to block the virus.

      Why is it important to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

      The Singapore government has advised that COVID-19 vaccination will help to protect us and our loved ones against COVID-19. Vaccination will not only reduce the number of people susceptible to the coronavirus, but also reduce the chances of transmission in the community.  A high local vaccination coverage is key to protect ourselves from COVID-19, and we encourage all medically eligible persons to be vaccinated.

      How effective is the Sinopharm vaccine?

      The Sinopharm vaccine’s efficacy rate is currently at 79% in preventing symptomatic infection in the multi-country Phase 3 trial. This can be compared to 51% for the Sinovac vaccine and 95% for the Pfizer-BioNTech/Cominarty vaccine.  More studies are required to determine COVID-19 vaccine efficacy against COVID-19 variants.

      Enquiries about our COVID-19 Services?