Primary Care Network PCN

Primary Care Network (PCN) is an initiative by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to better manage chronic disease in the community.  In line with the national emphasis on chronic disease management,  Bethesda Medical Centre is in partnership with CLASS PCN to provide better management of your chronic conditions.

Chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity are prevalent among the population, and can result in disabling complications such as coronary heart diseases, strokes and renal impairment.  Adequate management of chronic conditions can help ensure better outcomes and minimise premature disabilities, morbidities and mortality.

It is important for patients to have regular follow-ups with their physicians to ensure their conditions remain controlled.  Our committed medical team including dedicated case managers will help to coordinate care, track and monitor treatment outcomes.  Our nurse practitioners will provide health management advice, assist and empower patients to better manage their chronic conditions. You will be enrolled into a chronic disease register for systematic tracking of your health data and treatment outcomes. We are also in collaboration to develop software to assist you in monitoring and taking charge of your chronic medical condition. Bethesda has access to the National Electronic Health Records and that allows us to assess your medical record from the National Electronic Medical Records.

In addition, we are able to offer retinal photography and comprehensive laboratory, radiology and other diagnostic tests within our clinic premise.