Yellow Fever Vaccine in Singapore

What Is Yellow Fever?

Yellow fever is a potentially fatal viral disease characterised by fever, chills, severe headache, back pain, general body aches, nausea, and vomiting. Severe cases can lead to jaundice, bleeding, and organ failure.

Why Get Vaccinated?

The yellow fever vaccine is highly effective and provides lifelong immunity. It is essential for travelers to endemic regions and may be required for entry into some countries. Vaccination not only protects you but also helps prevent the spread of the virus.


Who Should Get Vaccinated?

  • Travelers from Singapore to areas where yellow fever is found
  • Residents in endemic regions
  • People who work in labs handling the yellow fever virus

Vaccination Process

The yellow fever vaccine is administered as a single injection. It is recommended to get vaccinated at least 10 days before traveling to ensure adequate protection. Side effects are generally mild and may include soreness at the injection site, low-grade fever, and mild headaches. If you have further questions regarding the vaccination process, you may consult our doctors before getting vaccinated.

How Much Does The Yellow Fever Vaccine Cost?


Vaccine Price per dose
Yellow Fever Vaccine (Staramil) $230

Prices are as of Apr 2024 and may be subjected to GST.
Prices subject to change without prior notice.

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Yellow Fever Vaccine FAQ

How long does the Yellow Fever Vaccine last?

The yellow fever vaccine provides lifelong protection. Booster shots may be require may be required for individuals who are travelling to country with a higher risk of transmission.


Are there any side effects?

Most side effects are mild and temporary, such as soreness at the injection site, fever, and headache.

Who should NOT take the vaccine?

People with severe allergies to egg proteins, immunocompromised individuals, and infants younger than 9 months should avoid the vaccine. Always consult with a healthcare provider before vaccination.

Enquiries about Yellow Fever Vaccines?