Rabies Vaccines in Singapore

Protect Yourself from Rabies with Vaccination

Rabies is a life-threatening viral disease that affects the central nervous system. It is primarily transmitted through the bite or scratch of an infected animal. Although Singapore is rabies-free, vaccination is crucial for those traveling to or working in areas where rabies is common.


What is Rabies?

Rabies is caused by the rabies virus, which is present in the saliva of infected animals. Symptoms often begin with flu-like signs such as fever and headache but can progress to neurological symptoms like anxiety, confusion, agitation, hallucinations, paralysis, and eventually death if not treated promptly​​.


Importance of Rabies Vaccination

The rabies vaccine is essential for both pre-exposure and post-exposure protection:

  • Pre-exposure Vaccination: Recommended for travelers to rabies-endemic areas, veterinarians, animal handlers, and laboratory workers. This vaccination provides a safety net for those at higher risk of exposure.
  • Post-exposure Vaccination: Critical for anyone bitten or scratched by an animal suspected of having rabies. Immediate medical attention and vaccination can prevent the virus from progressing​  (Ministry of Health)​.


Vaccination Schedule

  • Pre-exposure (Not Vaccinated): 2 doses on Day 0 and Day 7. A third dose may be recommended depending on the risk level.
  • Post-exposure (Previously Vaccinated): 2 doses on Day 0 and Day 3.
  • Post-exposure (Not Vaccinated): 4 doses on Day 0, Day 3, Day 7, and Day 14, along with Rabies Immune Globulin on the first day.


Side Effects and Precautions

Common side effects include soreness at the injection site, mild fever, headache, and muscle aches. Severe allergic reactions are rare but possible. If you experience symptoms such as difficulty breathing, swelling, or severe rash, seek medical attention immediately​​.


How Much Does The Rabies Vaccine Cost?


Vaccine Price per dose
RABIPUR Rabies Vaccination $250

Prices are as of Apr 2024 and may be subjected to GST.
Prices subject to change without prior notice.

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