Health Screening For Migrant Domestic Workers

Providing Comprehensive healthcare services for MDWs

Providing comprehensive healthcare services for MDWs

Our clinic at Cereza is dedicated to catering for the healthcare requirements of Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW). This collaborative initiative between Bethesda Medical, Cereza and FAST SG (Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training), supported by the Ministry of Manpower Singapore, aims to offer comprehensive healthcare services tailored specifically for MDWs. At Bethesda Medical, we take great pride in delivering holistic healthcare solutions for MDWs, and we are thrilled to expand our support through this specialised Medical Centre. Our primary goal in establishing the Medical Centre for MDWs is to provide accessible and high-quality healthcare services that address their unique needs and ensure their well-being. With our dedicated team of compassionate healthcare professionals, we are ready to deliver exceptional care and support to MDWs, promoting their overall health and fostering a secure and nurturing environment.

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Services that we provide:


  • 6 monthly (6ME), 2 yearly or pre-placement / new application check up for your domestic helper.


  • Our clinic at Cereza is equipped with a Chest X-Ray, making this a one-stop centre for full body check up and medical screening needs.


  • Strategically located at Cereza (dormitory for MDWs) to provide convenience for them.


  • Preferential rates to all FAST members.